itel Won Most Committed Brand to Humanitarian Services Award

itel, a global leading smart life brand committed to providing affordable and good quality consumer electronic products boasting excellent user experienc, won the outstanding award for Most Committed Brand to Humanitarian Services Award, presented in this year’s African Brand Congress, on 13th August. The African Brand Congress is an annual fiesta that celebrates excellent brands in Africa, to educate, engage and inspire brands building and value creation.


The Award Organizers have overtime been watching itel’s Love Always On CSR initiative closely for 2 years, highlighting that itel was a warmhearted brand that discover emerging markets living and education difficulties and keep spreading love and warmness to kids.

This year in May, Olamide, itel Nigerian Ambassador participated in itel Children's Day CSR event, that was the important moment which draw African Brand Congress judges’ attention to itel Brand.

Advocating Love Always On CSR initiative for two years, itel has donated more than 500 school libraries covering over 13 countries in Africa and South East Asia and more than 50,000 kids benefits from itel’s love initiative. It can be said that itel strongly have corporate social responsibility to improve its communities living quality.

As African’s foremost smart life brand that is dedicated to leading consumers enjoy a better life and with high attention in low-income communities education around Africa, itel believes that children are the future of society and should be treated with care and love.

Hence, this recognition from consumers and media is a great motivation for itel, and it therefore comes as no surprise that itel will continually execute its CSR initiative and donate school stationary to aid more children’s learning efforts and boost more people enjoy a better life.



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