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Product Philosophy

Save Money

  • -One system compatible with both on & off-grid scenarios
  • -Integrated modular design, scalable and configurable
  • -Simplified multi-unit connection driven by EMS inside
  • -Integrated PID recovery for higher PV module performance
  • -Aloptimized long-term battery cycle life for lower LCOS


  • -Multi-layer full battery safety protection
  • -Innovative DC ground-fault protection
  • -Al-round energy input rapid cut-off
  • -Inbuilt data-driven risk prevention capability


  • -LiFePO4 Battery: Safety and Long Lifespan, high efficiency, and high power density.
  • -Intelligent BMS, providing complete protection
  • -Support high discharge power
  • -IP21 fan cooling IP65, natural cooling, wide temperature range:-20°C to 60°C

One-Stop Residential Energy Storage Solution

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