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After-sales information
Terms & Conditions
1. The Warranty will be valid for twenty-four (24) months from the date of original purchase for product. After the warranty period ends,
itel will provide another 36 months of paid repair service.
2. Before installation please follow necessary precautions in installation guide.
3. When any fault occurs to the product, please contact itel or its authorized service centre dealer for repair first.
4. For any product repaired or replaced during the warranty period, the repaired or replaced product shall continue to be within warranty
period for the remaining time of the original warranty period of original product.
5. The information of product model & serial number must be filled in properly and stamped & signed by seller.
6. Please produce this warranty card at time of request of repair otherwise no repair will be entertained.
The warranty will be declared void under the
following circumstances:
1. The itel logo, or serial number, the accessory date code, or the warranty seal has been removed, erased, defaced, altered or is illegible.
2. Change the terms/conditions and filled portion of the warranty card after it has been filled and stamped, or misfill the warranty
3. If itel products are given to an unauthorized service center or handled/repaired/ tempered by the Customer himself/ herself.
4. Any defect(s) arising due to improper poor electric supply, electricity fluctuation, high/low voltage or use of substandard wiring.
5. The product is tempered with or altered in any way or has serial number altered, disfigured or removed.
6. Any defect(s) arising due to improper installation and misuse.
7. Any defect(s) arising due to negligence or accident (such as improper storage, floods, fires, lightning strikes).
8. Any defect(s) arising due to animals such as insects enter the product.
9. Other product failures caused by accidents, actions, failures or negligence beyond itel's control.
Technical Support
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