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Enjoy Up to 64+8(4+4)GB* Storage
With up to 64GB of ROM, you'll have plenty of space to store your favorite apps right
at your fingertips. Plus, 8GB of extended RAM allows you multitask seamlessly without any hiccups.
Enter the Gateway for Viewing Pleasure
The 6.6" HD+ large screen guarantees an immersive and remarkable visual experience, delivering the finest
details of the landscape and the minute details of the actor's facial expression.
Next-Level Chargers Experience
Type-C, revolutionizing the way we connect and transfer data between devices.
Bringing smaller size, faster data transfer speed, and more universal compatibility.
Bring the Efficiency and Performance
The upgraded Octa-Core processor takes computing to a whole new level.
Combined with itel OS 8.6 system, it offers smoother operations, and brings the latest functions.
Touch Classic and Contemporary Everyday
The case features a sleek, slim profile, exuding refinement and elegance
and fits perfectly in your hand, with two color options. Experience the unparalleled
sensation of leather beneath your fingertips.
Unleash the Power of Security and Convenience
Simply touch the fingerprint sensor or look at the front camera, your phone unlocks in
an instant. Fingerprint unlock and face unlock work well together to ensure that
your personal data stays safe and secure.
Explore Longer Battery Life
With its 4000mAh massive capacity, you can embrace extended usage time.
Provide the power and flexibility you need to stay connected and productive on the go.
Experience the Lightning-Fast World of High-Speed 4G
Get ready to soar through the Internet at 4G blazing-fast speed. When you're
streaming movies, playing online games, or video conferencing with colleagues,
just unlock the uninterrupted, seamless connectivity. Introduce multi-band for
a more stable and reliable signal.