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Upgraded OS 14.0 system
Witness a new standard of efficiency OS
Offer a personalized home screen for a more tailored user experience.
Enjoy faster connections with a 20% reduction in 4G network latency.
Octa-core Processor
Minimize glitches for a flawless experience
Designed for smooth and efficient operations, it smartly optimizes performance for specific scenarios,
reducing delays and flashbacks, and ensuring a seamless user experience.
4G Lightning Fast Download Speeds
Consistent connectivity for uninterrupted web
Provide high-speed 4G connectivity, with multi-band 4G support, and enjoy uninterrupted network access and seamless internet surfing. Embrace swift, reliable, and consistent connectivity with the itel A50.
Side Fingerprint & Face Unlock
Secure,rapid,and convenient access
A user-friendly side fingerprint reader and face unlock technology deliver
secure access to your smart world in an instant. Designed with user habits in mind,
these features not only enhance security but also elevate the user-friendly experience.